Going solar is always a good idea, but going solar at the right time can maximize your benefits.

Now that we're approaching winter, there's going to be less daylight. Obviously, it won't stay that way forever. It's never too soon to start thinking about summertime, and all the sunshine we miss. Believe it or not, going solar right now is the best way to take advantage of all that summer sun.

New York State Solar Farm says the best time to go solar is in fact right now. That's because when you sign up for solar panel installation today, it will get installed between now and the spring season. That's well in advance of the spring and summer sunshine. Signing up for solar in July isn't bad, but you'll maximize your solar power if you're all set up before the summer months.

New York State Solar Farm will help you create a plan to go solar that is customized to you and your needs. They use a sun-powered panel that is actually the most powerful panel on the planet! Not only is it the best, but it also has an amazing warranty. You can get more information about their panels at buysolarlocal.com.

Beyond going solar the right way, there's actually no better time to go solar. Normally, there are three incentives to go solar but for a limited time, there are actually four! The standard three incentives are the NYSERDA Grant, which is money off your system cost, a federal tax credit of 22%, and a New York State credit of $5,000. But the fourth incentive, for a limited time, is a $1,020 SunPower manufacturer's rebate after your system is installed. There truly never has been a better time to go solar than now.

If you're ready to start thinking about that summer sunshine and go solar, you can get more information from New York State Solar Farm right now at buysolarlocal.com or call them at 877-SOLAR-95.

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