This is enough to keep you up at night. New York recently moved toward the top of a very dubious list that's grossing quite a few people out.

Orkin just released their annual Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List, and it appears New York didn't do so well. We've already ranked high on other vermin-related lists before, such as cities with the worst rat problem.

Invasion of Bedbugs

Orkin Pest Control Service released its Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List, based on treatment data from the metro areas where Orkin performed the most bed bug treatments from December 1, 2021, to November 30, 2022. It includes both residential and commercial treatments. If you have bed bugs, it doesn't necessarily mean your place is dirty.

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Orkin says the pests can easily travel with your belongings, which is why they seem to like hotels and motels.


The disgusting parasites swarm homes across the world, leaving unwary victims covered in blisters and bite marks, not to mention ruining mattresses and other furnishings.

New York Infestation 

Chicago once again reigned supreme when it came to the number of blood-sucking pests in their ranks. New York City was 2nd in the country, surpassing Philadelphia. Buffalo also didn't do much better.

  1. Chicago

  2. New York (+1)

  3. Philadelphia (-1)

  4. Cleveland-Akron, OH (+4)

  5. Los Angeles (+7)

  6. Detroit (-2)

  7. Indianapolis (-1)

  8. Baltimore (-3)

  9. Washington, D.C. (-2)

  10. Columbus, OH (-1)

  11. Champaign, IL (+2)

  12. Grand Rapids, MI (-1)

  13. Cincinnati (-3)

  14. Charlotte (+1)

  15. Denver (+2)

  16. Atlanta (-2)

  17. Dallas-Ft. Worth (-1)

  18. Pittsburgh (+2)

  19. Charleston, W.V. (+3)

  20. Raleigh-Durham (+4) 

According to Orkin's data, Buffalo ranked 29th. Syracuse has made the top 50 bedbug cities in years past, though they fell off this year's list.

Orkin has a number of helpful reminders on their home page that could help you spot the pests before they potentially spread, and also ways to treat and infestation.

Dope Torches Home Trying to Kill Bugs 

There is a way to properly dispose of the pests. One woman from Lyons, New York did not follow such advice. WROC says that the 39-year-old woman allegedly used a lighter to kill a bed bug in her apartment back in 2019.

This probably wasn't such a great idea considering her uncle had just spayed the room with alcohol, according to WROC.


WROC says her mattress caught on fire which caused damage inside the apartment. The fire set off the sprinkler system which then caused damage to other apartments in the building.

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