This afternoon the State University of New Paltz had an unexpected guest decide to take a rest on campus. As of now, this situation is still unfolding but we have been informed that a black bear has shown up near one of the on-campus buildings and has taken refuge in a tree.

People on campus and around New Paltz have been alerted to the situation via alert networks and I have been told by someone close by that the bear is currently resting in a tree in front of the Old Main Building. This building happens to have some trees around it plus it is directly across from Hasbrouck Park.

Bear Spotted on SUNY Campus in New Paltz, New York


According to our source, both the SUNY New Paltz Campus Police and the NYS DEC are aware, they are on-site and handling the situation which we are confident will end without incident. According to the witness we spoke with, the bear wandered in and ran up the tree earlier this afternoon and has basically been lying in the tree ever since.

I will agree that the weather the last few days has been good napping weather but a bear choosing to nap so close to campus is still a bit unusual. Other wildlife such as turkey, deer, and fox occur more often. As we know bears are opportunists when it comes to eating so there is a good chance this bear has discovered that dumpster diving in New Paltz is a good way to score good food.

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Updated Pictures from Bear at SUNY New Paltz

Bear on Campus at SUNY New Paltz NY

On Thursday (June 23, 2022) this unassuming good-size black bear wandered onto campus and decided to climb a tree. The SUNY New Paltz Police along with the NYS DEC Police monitored the situation on-site. They were able to encourage the campus visitor to return home without incident.

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