Will updates made to an infamous Beacon, New York landmark reduce the amount of fender benders on Main Street?

Beacon, NY Dummy Light Landmark Causes Major Headache

If you have visited Beacon, New York, or live in the area in and around the Dutchess County town you're probably familiar with the Dummy Light.

The Beacon Dummy Light is a local historic landmark as it is considered one of the oldest traffic lights in America. According to RoadsideAmerica.com "Only three of these old, dangerous, middle-of-an-intersection traffic lights are still standing."

Dangerous is an understatement. It seems like every month we're hearing about an accident involving the Beacon Dummy Light. While most of them are usually fender-benders leaving vehicles banged up, some are more serious than others.

In April 2022, while work was being done on Main Street in Beacon the Dummy Light was struck by a construction vehicle causing the post to knock off the base. Thankfully, a few weeks later, history was restored and the Dummy Light was back to its historic self.

Updates Made to Beacon Dummy Light, Will It Help?

Towards the end of November, after yet another Dummy Light incident, crews were spotted working on the Dummy Light.

Photos taken while work was being done show new bright yellow stripes painted along the ground around the Dummy Light and bright yellow paint on the base. Take a look:

J. Corley
J. Corley

Personally, I love the Dummy Light and having that little piece of American history right on Beacon's iconic Main Street. I also love to see the town taking such good care of the Dummy Light after every accident.

With that being said, will this new paint update help drivers avoid the historic landmark? Is it time we just move the Dummy Light all together?

Maybe moving the light right to the corner near the train tracks and the corner?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Just a thought. We'll keep a close eye on the newly painted Beacon Dummy Light. Here's to hoping it's accident-free in 2024.

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