Do you think it's a good idea for a fiance to go to the other's party?

When you decide to marry someone it obviously comes with a lot of thought and months, sometimes years of planning but one of the things people look forward to is the bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Yes sometimes these parties come with problems afterwards, especially if there is any form of stripper at the party. Never a good idea...LOL!

We got an email from one of our friends that had a real interesting question.

The email said that:

A Guy I know is going to a bachelor party for one of his friends and the bride to be insists she come along because she doesn't trust him.

Have you guys ever heard of anything like this happening? And just so you know, no other women are going to the party, just her!

WOW! Me personally, I think it's an awful idea for this to happen, I think it's a huge red flag that she doesn't trust him and they aren't even married yet.

What do you guys think? Should a bride to be go to her soon to be husbands bachelor party or vice a versa? Leave us a comment on Facebook.

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