Day 3 of the Dutchess County Fair has left me heartbroken.

We were riding high after Day 2 of the Dutchess County Fair, well at least I was after my One Tree Hill dreams came true. 

I was ready to live out some more dreams and play with baby goats because that's all I  have wanted to do this week. However, I think I might have caught the kids at a bad time.

CJ and I made our way up to the 4H tent and found two of the most adorable baby goats. Their names are Jelly and Josie. They were just as cute as their names, but they wanted nothing to do with me. Couldn't even get them to sit still for a picture.

This guy was feeling me though:


Not sure what his name is, but we'll call him Frank. Frank was interested in me for about two seconds and then was more attracted to the hay:


Hopefully day 4 will bring me more luck. But hey at least the Old Crow Medicine Show will be performing.

See you tonight!

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