Remember back a few weeks ago when I made one of the best Hudson Valley discoveries of all time? If you don't, I'll happily remind you.

HudsonValley Series

Yes. Those are romance novels based out of our very own backyard here in the Hudson Valley. I was so intrigued by these stories, and the covers, that I had to reach out to the author, Alice Clayton. I had so many questions. Did she have a muse here? Were the farmers real? Obviously, Bailey Falls is a fictional town but where was the inspiration from?

Alice was generous enough to call in this morning and talk with CJ and me about her inspiration (New Paltz!) and she gave us some big scoop on the title of the third installment in the Hudson Valley series:


You can find The Hudson Valley Series on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or anywhere books are sold. Check out Alice Clayton's Hudson Valley Series and other works at her website AliceClayton.Com

Follow Alice on Twitter: @Alice_Clayton 


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