I'm a huge fan of Theater.  I'm an actor.  Not a very good one mind you but an actor none the less.  I've actually done professional theater and recommend anyone at least give it a try.

I was always a shy kid and theater broke me out of my shell.  It allowed me to be someone else and people thought it was really cool that I could do it.

I'm not saying to be like me, I'm just saying that if you have ever wanted to do theater to make 2020 the year to do it.

Maybe you have never thought about theater but love to sing.  Give it a try.

Auditions for 'Lend Me A Tenor' are happening Monday, March 2 and Thursday, March 5th at Little Radical Theatrics in Yonkers.

For full details and to schedule an audition, go HERE

Even if you don't sing, there are always non singing roles available.


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