Don't mess with this sister. Fox is reporting that two suspects allegedly tried to rob a center in New York state that provides food for the poor. However, their plans went south when they were suddenly stopped by a "quick-thinking" individual who happened to be at the center that morning as well.

Nun Stops Robbery

Fox is reporting that two suspects tried robbing the Response to Love Center by placing a stepladder near the building and attempting to climb up to the roof. The New York Post says that the center is located in a part of Buffalo that is subject to 'looting and violence". But these bandits were not counting on one thing.

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Fox says that Sister Mary Johnice was just coming out of morning prayer service when she noticed the ladder outside. When she went out to see what was going on, one suspect got startled and ran away from the scene.

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The other suspect was already up on the roof, so that's when Sister Mary told Fox that she threw the ladder down and told the suspect to jump down off the roof.

But she wasn't done scolding the would-be thief.

I said, ‘This is God's property. This is God's mission. How dare you do this? I pointed my finger and I told him, ‘Get out’ and he ran away.

Rather than face the full wrath of God, the second suspect joined their accomplice and took off running from the food shelter. Sister Mary wasn't having any of their BS that particular day.

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Design Pics

Pastor Sues NFL For Trillions Over Half Time Show?

No, this is not a joke. This guy was quite serious. In fact, he feels his very own soul may be on the line. Dave Daubenmire, who is known to many as a radical pastor, coach, activist, and podcaster, had a beef with the National Football League and their Super Bowl LIV halftime show, that aired in February 2020.

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Daubenmire seems concerned that the fiery performance of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira led him straight to the pits of hell.

Daubenmire feels the performance is a case of anti-Christian discrimination. And yes, he's planning on suing big time. How big? Try $867 trillion. The Ohio pastor wasn't pleased with how the performance was forced into his living room without warning. Apparently, he wasn't able to get to his remote to change the channel in time.

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