Got a question? We just might have the answer you're looking for.

We understand that in todays world of technology, it's a lot easier to find the answer to any random question you might have through the course of your day. Almost all of us have Google on our phones and anytime we need an answer most if us just google it. Right?

I know anytime I ask Jess something she might not know off the top of her head, she automatically starts to type it into google. Next time your listening to our radio show, listen extra carefully because sometimes you can hear her typing...LOL!

Call us old school, but sometimes it's fun to put technology aside and actually ask another person like you the random question you'd like answered. That's where we come in! Honestly, we're probably the last two people of the face of the earth that you would think of to ask anything, which is why I think this might be fun to do every once and a while.

You can ask us ANYTHING!! Call or text us through the Wolf app your question and we'll do our best to answer it for you.

Our first "Ask Us Anything" came from Melissa who texted us a random one. She texted, "Guys when we can go back to concerts or sports games, when you're sitting in an aisle and have to get up to grab food or go to the bathroom, how do you leave the row your in? Face facing or butt facing?"

What's proper "leaving the aisle etiquette?" Anytime this has happened to me I always go butt facing for the simple reason that I feel like face facing puts a part of me that I don't want to put in a strangers face. Butt yes, crotch, not so much. Maybe after a date..LOL!

Jess said she's a face first lady because she wants to be able to see who she's crossing over, that's unless it's a cute guy, then she goes, and I quote, "Booty first!"

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