Would you let your 5-year-old ride the school bus to school?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we give everyone who listens to the show a chance to grab some advice from people just like you with what we call "We Gotcha Wednesday."

We get a ton of emails from all types of people with all different kinds of problems, some of them are serious and others are just random problems that they are looking for some advice or guidance with.

This week we got an email from Rich, a Hudson Valley Dad looking for some school bus advice. He wrote,

"My wife and I both work all day and our 5 year old daughter is starting kindergarten next week. I work out of town, but my wife is 5 minutes from the school. However, she wants our baby girl to ride the bus in the afternoon. Are you kidding me? Our precious little baby is way too young to be riding the school bus filled with crazy hooligans ready to corrupt her innocent, young mind. The school bus isn’t meant for 5 year olds, especially when my wife works 5 minutes away. I think my wife should be able to pick her up, and bring her to work with her for a couple hours at the end of the day. If my wife doesn’t’ do this, then we’re going to have to get a babysitter, and it just seems stupid. Plus, our baby girl will have to be surrounded by bigger kids who might bully her. My wife said her office isn’t a daycare and it’s rude I’m even asking her to do this. I think it makes sense.

Five year olds do NOT belong on a school bus. Am I right?"

Valid question, I believe that most school buses here in the Hudson Valley have rules that help kids that young. I think most of the time the younger kids have to sit up front near the bus driver so that none of the "crazy hooligans" can "corrupt" any kids. His words not mine, LOL.

I do think the bus will be safe if they choose to let her ride it but the whole work daycare thing is another issue and I can kinda see where the wife is coming from, offices aren't daycare and I do think that could become a problem for the mom.

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