This is only a test, had this been an actual self driving car in New York State we would need to officially change a old law. It turns out that it is illegal to drive at anytime in New York State without at least one of the driver's hands on the wheel at all times. Due to this law self driving cars become illegal to operate in New York State.

According to an article by the Daily News this time last year a law from 1971 is what was blocking self driving cars from driving on New York State roads. Now it seems that law makers have found a way around the law but only for a year and only as a well supervised test.

USA Today reported this past April that law makers voted to make an exception so that self driving cars can be tested on New York State roads but the window is only open on this opportunity until April 2018 and all vehicle will be operated under the supervision of the New York State Police.

Personally I'll never own a driverless car. I like to drive too much to turn the wheel over to automation.

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