Do you use your horn as an extension of your driving ability? Is it your First Amendment right to be able to honk your horn at other drivers? At your friends to say hello, or do you just honk your horn for fun?

Is there ever a time when it is illegal to honk your horn in New York State? Well, come on now, this is New York State, they have to have an opinion on this, as they do everything else?

Is it illegal to honk your car horn in New York State?

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This is one of those questions that can be answered with both a yes and a no. Yes, it is illegal for you to honk your horn in New York City. Think back to the last time you were in New York City, was it not one horn blast after another? While it probably was, vehicles and their drivers can get cited for blasting the horn in New York City, but what about the rest of this massive state? Keep reading to find out. 

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Can you legally blast your horn in the rest of New York State?

Angry woman driver. Rushing to work. Traffic jam. Busy life. Teenager reckless driving.

While it is 100% illegal to honk your horn while driving in New York City, the rest of the state has a bit different look at it. Can you get cited for excessive blasting on the horn? It all depends on where you are driving. While the correct time to honk your horn is to notify other drivers of their potential hitting you or that they are just not paying attention to the road, you are not encouraged to honk your horn anywhere in New York State.

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Will you get a ticket for honking your horn? If you are in NYC yes, you could and depending on the small town you might be driving through, yes you could potentially get a ticket, but unless you are honking your horn at nothing at 2 am, you will probably never get a ticket for it.

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