So this weekend, I took part in the time honored tradition of carving a pumpkin for Halloween.

It was super easy, had a great time and was able to make delicious pumpkin seeds with the innards. One would think that carving or even painting pumpkins was enough Halloween holiday spirit. But no, of course the internet had to go ahead and cross a line.

According to several social media accounts, glitter pumpkin butts are a thing this year.

In the past I've seen parents to photo shoots with their babies butts painted like a pumpkin and sure, it's cute. But these are grown adults painting and glittering their butts like pumpkins.

For what?

Delish.Com (yes, a recipe website is writing about pumpkin butts, go figure) says the trend first caught on in March of this year and recently went viral. GoGo Glitter out of the London started the glitter butt trend, when it created a peach kit early on.

Creator of GoGo Glitter Sophia Levy told MarieClaire "“The glitter bum trend we started is so popular, we wanted to find a way to tie it in with the Halloween content we have been creating."

Will you be painting your bum this Halloween? To be honest, it's probably cheaper than buying a costume...

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