My mind is going bananas!

I was texting with a friend the other day and we started talking about how since all this coronavirus stuff started to develop we have both been having crazy dreams. I have always been one of those people that really never remembers what they dreamed about the night before. Sometimes it would bother me, to the point that I thought there was something wrong with me!

That is until now! For the last few weeks I have definitely noticed that I am having more dreams that I actually remember but I have to say they have been kinda weird.

I had a dream the other night where I was running in my old neighborhood with nothing on but a pair of jeans, no shirt on, no shoes. I'm not sure what I was running from but I wound up in my old house in one of the guest rooms. I was trying to sleep on the couch that was there and was woke up by one of my old neighbors. He said something like, "CJ, why are you in my house?" I said your house? It's my house! He said "Your wrong and I called the police to take you out." Last thing I remember before i woke up was the cops taking me out of the house like a criminal and I all I could see was the blinking of the police lights.

I woke up feeling soooo embarrassed!! I was like what the heck was that? Have you had any crazy dreams lately?

If you have and want our favorite tarot card reader Meta Marcy to try and give you the meaning behind your dream, text us your dream through the Wolf app and be listening on Thursday morning around 7:30 as Marcy will analyze our dreams.

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