Hudson Valley shelves are becoming bare again as the region braces for another shortage of paper products.

On Thursday shopping carts were seen filled with large packages of paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and other paper products at BJ's in Wappingers Falls. Grocery stores in the Poughkeepsie area were already showing signs of a possible shortage with certain brands of paper towels completely sold out.

According to Fox Business, a "massive shortage" of paper products is being predicted that will mimic the worst days of the pandemic in 2020. Strategic Resource Group managing director, Burt Flickinger, says that only 60% of paper orders are being shipped out to stores across the country this week due to supply chain issues. This is leaving retailers with less inventory.

Costco is currently limiting purchases to just one per customer, much like many stores did during the pandemic. Retailers say that as customers realize these products are in short supply, they're likely to begin hoarding them again, which is why experts predict things will get worse before they get better.

Flickinger predicts that shortages could last throughout the beginning of the holiday shopping season, spreading to other categories as well. He suggests buying needed paper and pet products today and for consumers to begin planning their Christmas shopping early this year.

Hudson Valley shoppers have been complaining about items being unavailable at certain stores over the past few weeks. Pet food, coffee creamer, Bounty products, some specific cleaning items and even produce have all seen brief shortages at retailers this month.

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