It's rosé season, baby.

Whenever I go out of town and try to explain to someone where I'm from, I just tell them "Where the Angry Orchard Cider House is". Angry Orchard is such a staple brand that that is enough information for someone to know where I'm from. The Cider House is located in Walden, of Orange County in New York. They're known for releasing some specialty ciders that aren't available nationwide. And this month, they're getting ready to release another.

You probably remember a few years back in 2018 when Angry Orchard launched their first Rosé cider. That millennial pink color was hard to miss. Now, Angry Orchard is back with another new cider in honor of National Rosé Day. According to a press release, Angry Orchard will release their limited edition Backup Yacht Cider on Saturday, June 12. The cider is 7% ABV and is described as an "effervescent rosé cider" that utilizes a double fermentation process. Expect a fruit-forward aroma and a dry finish.

The biggest thing about any hard cider is that it's made with apples, obviously. The new Backup Yacht Cider from Angry Orchard is made with red-fleshed apples called Amour Rouge. While I like to think of the Hudson Valley as the apple capital of the world (I have nothing to back up that claim), these apples are actually from France.

The new Backup Yacht Cider will be available while supplies last on June 12. And yes, you can order the 750 mL bottle to be shipped to your home. Or even better, you can go visit the Angry Orchard Cider House in the Hudson Valley.

If cider isn't your thing, consider checking out some local wineries for rosé wine this weekend. I recommend Benmarl, Whitecliff, or Robibero. At a winery or Angry Orchard, you can bring a picnic and make a whole day out of it. I'm pretty sure most of these locations also have rotating on-site food offerings, too.

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