This guy is really trying to cling to his 15 minutes of fame isn't he? By now, you've probably seen the viral video of 45-year-old Chris Morgan, better known to the internet as "angry short bagel guy", or as he prefers, the "Bagel Boss."

The infamous video blew up last week as Morgan can be seen berating customers at a Long Island Bagel Boss location for what he claims was mistreatment over his height. The 5'0'' Morgan claims this isn't the first time people, particularity women, have disrespected him over his short stature. This isn't the first time he's appeared on camera to air his grievances over the matter.

Once the video took off, Morgan certainly didn't shy away from the media.

Now in a potentially last-ditch effort to hold on to the spotlight, Morgan has agreed to put his money where his mouth is. HV News 12 is reporting that Morgan has greed to fight in Atlantic City in September against another viral star, or "internet celebrity". No word yet how the fight will go down, or who he'll be facing.

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