Even though we have had some really hot weather lately in the Hudson Valley is seems we are still hitting the hills for hiking trips.We are very lucky to have so many trails available in the Hudson Valley. Often a good trail will offer cooler temps and shade during hot summer day. So for all of you who want to darn the sun coat and sweat a bit we got some great news.

The NYC Watershed shared on their Facebook page today that their is a new trail that has officially opened near the Ashokan Reservoir. It is called the Ashokan Quarry Trail and it has been open for just a little over a week. According to the Facebook post from yesterday (July 23) the trail includes an easy 2 mile hike which passes through the former Yale Quarry. The quarry provided stone for the construction of the Ashokan Reservoir back a the start of the last century.

Not only will you enjoy walk through history but the trail also presents amazing views of the Catskills to the north and west. The trail itself passes through wild blueberry bushes, vernal pools and a forest of Maple trees. That's going to make for a beautiful Fall season hike for sure.

The Catskill Mountain Club built the trail and will maintain it. The Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program helped provide funding for the signs along the trail that will help visitors understand what they are walking through during their visit. The parking for this trail is on Route 28A.

So it looks like I will be adding another trail to the list for my weekend walks, how about you?

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