We all agree that certain animals can be a true stress reliever. It is a well known fact that petting an animal can lower your heart rate and make someone feel better emotionally. So my question is what animal would you want your office to have and care for so you could take a stress break and enjoy the company of something soft and fluffy.

Don't laugh it is already happening in offices around the US. You can borrow an animal from the "Library" like you would a book, and then spend time with your new friend at your desk to break up the stress of the day. As you can imagine people grow attached to the animal they borrow and sometimes it ends up a loving pet.

What a great way to help shelters find homes for wonderful dogs and cats and other furry friends who need homes. CBS's Steve Hartman found on such place in New Mexico.

I think here at The Wolf we should go with a miniature horses or maybe bunnies. Here's to an office full of puppies!


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