There will be absolutely no mention of Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton in the following post. Starting.....NOW.

Facebook has been flooded with political posts and by now you're probably tired of it. I know I am. So to take your mind off this mind-numbing election why not post something that makes everyone happy. PUPPIES...and kittens too, because we appreciate both sides of this debate.

Come on now! Look at that face:

Animal Rescue Centres Feel The Strain After Christmas Pets Are Abandoned
Getty Images/Christopher Furlong

Bet you already forgot what was going on today.

This little furball has a heart on it. My heart is melting:

Pet Shop Displays Chihuahua With Unique Heart-Shaped Marking
Getty Images/ Koichi Kamoshida

What election? You know who I'm voting for? These guys:

Police Train Police Dogs At A Base
Getty Images/China Photos

They look like they can get the job done.

And of course we cant forget about the other side. Look at these kittens who are ready to run America:

Is this the face of our feirce leader?

Animal Sanctuary Needs ?200,000 To Avoid Closure
Getty Images/ Christopher Furlong

What about this squad? Think they can handle the pressure in the White House

Cat Emergency At Battersea As Fewer Prospective Owners Come Forward
Getty Images/Dan Kitwood

Nope. This is it. This is our only option. Our next President of the United States:

Annual CFA International Cat Show Showcases Pedigreed Felines
Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan

Hopefully this post brightened your day and took your mind off the election even for just a little while. If you'd like share your pet photos on our Facebook page!

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