I might be the only person who actually likes to do this, clean out the frig. Yes, you are reading that right. I love to cleanout my refrigerator. I can't stand when there are stuffed shelves, doors full of mostly empty condiments and the worst the veggie drawer full of old vegetables you meant to cook before they went bad, but now it's too late.

Think about it for a minute, your food lives in their. If stuff is left to grow mold that is not very appetizing. Now, I do realize we are all capable of losing a Tupperware container now and then towards the back of the frig which then often leads to the question What was that? But if you sort through the frig regularly you can avoid that moldy science project more often than not.

So where do you start? You could start this Sunday because November 15th (this Sunday) is National Cleanout Your Refrigerator Day according to the official National Days Calendar. I'm telling you there is a day for everything. You are going to be so happy if you observe this day. It will mean that you will no longer use expired ketchup. You will be able to put a container in the frig without having to balance it on something else. And most importantly you won't waste food.

In this time when we are all budgeting and so many people are experiencing food insecurity we want to be sure that the food we buy we actually eat. A clean frig is a great first step to making sure your don't waste money on food that you forgot you bought. And just a thought, how about you take part of the money you save and help a local food pantry.

So what is the most important reason to cleanout your frig Sunday? Because it might make you reflect on what you have and then result in you paying it forward for someone who could use a little help this holiday season.

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