Since my post about NBC's The Voice on October 6th lots of things have changed on the show. Lots of contestants have gone home, but my picks for who will win have remained the same. Yes a few of my choices for final five have had to pack their bags, but the two people I feel could win it all are still singing and have made the Top 12. This week America starts voting and it will be interesting to seeing who lands on top.

I felt strongly that Amy Vachal could win it all. She was originally on Team Pharrell but after a save from Adam she made it to the live auditions. Now she has made it through this past Tuesday night thanks to Adam saving her again. Amy could still walk away number one, however, she will have to out sing Jordan Smith. He is still singing as well as he did on his very first song. He is still winning over the audience and he is going to be the voice to beat.

Check out Amy's song from this past week.

This is the song that got her on the show.

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