If you're looking for a local event to show love for the American Flag, you may want to clear your schedule this Sunday.

There will be an American Flag Appreciation Walk/Ride this Sunday, October 21st in New Paltz. You're asked to bring you own American Flag to show your appreciation starting at 12pm at La Bella Pizzeria at 194 Main Street in New Paltz. The walk will then proceed down both sides of Main Street.

At 1pm the Rolling Thunder Patriot Brigade will roll through Main Street. Walkers are encouraged to stay on the sidewalk of Main Street until around 2pm when you'll head back to La Bella's for refreshments.

Arnaldo Margotti, Jr

One of the main ground rules the event page posted is "No politics. No political signs. This is not about a about any candidate or political party. This is only about love of our Flag, love of our country."

Creator of the event Joey Garcia tell us that La Bella plays a special part in why this event was created. Garcia says "La Bella is also the site of where a future American flag mural is going to be painted. Some local opposition to the American Flag mural was another motivation for me to create this event." Another important note, walkers must stay on the sidewalk for safety reasons.

There is currently a GoFundMe account for the American Flag mural project that has been in the works for some time now.

For more information on the American Flag Appreciate Walk/Ride this weekend, visit their Facebook event page. 

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