My wife thinks that I have a bit of drinking problem. She can't stand that I drink milk. She's so confused by this. Am I the only adult that drinks milk regularly? I'm talking about all kinds like dairy and even non dairy milks.

My toddler is starting to drink milk after battling a dairy issue as a newborn. Now the kid absolutely loves milk. She can't get enough of it. Unfortunately milk is hard to come by in my house. She has to fight her dad for it. I'm always drinking glasses of milk. I probably have two glasses a day. We're always running out. My wife is always needing it for her coffee.

It drives her crazy that I'm drinking it all. She also finds it so strange that I drink milk like that. She's convinced that only kids do this. Is she right? I'm from Michigan. At first I thought that this is just a Mid West thing? However, there is a popular convenient store in Upstate New York that sells a lot of small bottles of milk for individual consumption. It can't be exclusive to just where I am from. We used to be forced to drink it every night for dinner.

Remember the popular 'Got Milk' campaign? Kurt Angle always drank it before his matches in the WWE.

Milk has a lot of nutritional value too. It has calcium and other vitamins that promote bone and muscle growth.

Am I the only adult who drinks milk these days?

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