Is Josh a jerk?

We get emails and text messages all the time asking for advice. It ranges from funny, light-hearted situations to big life decisions.

Josh texted us earlier this week not looking for advice, but trying to figure out if he did something wrong or creepy. Here's what he wrote to us.

Hey CJ and Jess,

I'm just getting back from vacation, a little the end of May my aunt who I was super close with, she practically raised me, passed away. It's been tough, but I thought going away would help me find some peace. We went to a beach bar for dinner one night and I swear an older woman walked across the restaurant who looked JUST LIKE MY AUNT. She sat with her family a few tables over. I couldn't help it, I kept looking over and I tried to be discrete and took a picture to share with my siblings. Well, the lady caught me taking the picture. After a few awkward minutes, she came over and said that I was being a rude, creepy, jerk for taking her picture without her permission. I explained to her why I took the picture, and she was kind about it, but still said what I did was wrong. I've felt terrible about it for days. Am I a jerk?!

That is a super awkward situation to be in. Personally, I don't think he was being a jerk. I think the lady overreacted a little bit. But it is uncomfortable to take pictures of strangers without them knowing.

What do you think? Is Josh the jerk in this situation?

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