I need your help in winning a argument with my kids.

Now matter how old you are, at one time in your life you and the family sat down for a few hours and tried to play a full game of Monopoly. If you've never played, Monopoly is the real estate trading game that you play (or argue thru) with friends or family. The basic object of the game is to own as many properties as you can and then force your opponents to go bankrupt.

As I'm getting ready to play with my kids for a few hours the other night, we wound up having a 30 minute argument about some of the rules of the game. We don't disagree on the basic stuff, but when I mentioned a couple of rules that I've always played with, both of my kids looked at me like I had seven eyes. It also didn't help that my game is like 30 years old and I couldn't find the instructions in the box..LOL.

Argument Number 1 "Free Parking"

When you start each new game of Monopoly, you always put a crisp $500 in the middle of the board so when someone lands on the FREE Parking space, they collect the $500, plus any of the tax money that the cards make you pay throughout the game.

As we were playing, after my third turn I landed on free parking and took the money from the bank because I forgot to put it in the middle when we started. Both of my kids started yelling at me that I was stealing from the bank. I explained that's how we've always played and both of them swore up and down they've never played that way. So I lost that argument.....for now.

Argument Number 2 "Snake Eyes"

My son rolled snake eyes (two ones) and after he rolled it, I started to count out from the bank, one bill of each denomination to give to him. Again, they both looked at me with the "kid stare", like dad why are you making things up as we play. WHAT!!! Snake eyes always means you get one of each bill, right? I kinda won that argument because it wasn't me getting the cash...LOL!

If you've ever played the game, how do you play? Do you play the way I play, or are my kids right? Text me ASAP through the Wolf app so we can actually play again without arguing.

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