Another great night on NBC's The Voice. The Blind Auditions have been amazing this season. I don't know how they manage to save some of the best for last but they definitely did and any judge that had no room left on their team, Adam, missed out on who I believe will walk away with the whole thing.

Amy Vachal is the whole package and she picked team Pharrell. That's right Team Pharrell could walk away with another win for season nine.

So who are my other choices to round up the top five? Chase Kerby who picked team Gwen or should we say Gwen picked Chase, she was the only chair that turned. Shelby Brown has the talent to win it all, but her age may get in the way. She is a 16 year old "Adele" who had her choice of any of the judges and decided on Team Adam. Krista Hughes turned all four chairs and could surely walk away with everything if soulful country rules for season nine. She of course went to Team Blake.

And my final choice for top 5 is the gentleman in the sweater who stole the very first night of the blind auditions, Jordan Smith. I have a feeling we won't recognize Jordan by the end of season 9. He turned all 4 chairs and is well on his way to winning the whole thing with just his blind performance. He is team Adam, it could be Adams season.

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