Please tell me that I am not alone!! I want to travel, I want to not wear a mask and I want to be warm. This will happen again, right? One day?

This week my email inbox has been the recipient of several airline offers. Bonus miles for this, redeem miles and get that, super cheap airfares for one or free companion fares for a second.

While none have made me actually go ahead and book a trip, they all have me clicking through to see what exactly their offer its.

Stewart Airport is a local gem. No this is not an ad. Super easy parking, regular and long term and you can get to it pretty much within an hour from anywhere in the Hudson Valley. Also often overlooked is White Plains Airport (HPN) and Albany (ALB) airport.

Again, they are all reasonably close to the Hudson Valley, long term parking can be navigated pretty easily at all three places. The drawback? You will more than likely have to make a connection somewhere. For me, doesn't bother me. I have friends who would rather go to a dentist.

So when I got the email from Allegiant Airlines from Stewart/Newburgh and the fares had gone up just a bit in price, I still went ahead and clicked. Yes, gas prices have been going up over the last few weeks and are expected to go up another 20-40% between now and Memorial Day, so when I saw $79 I was like WHAT? Where are the $65ish fares? Where did they go? Did I mention, I was super cheap? Excuse me, frugal. Yep, frugal works.

The flight deals this time around out of Stewart on Allegiant were as follows, like I said, still not bad and their cancellation process seems to be fairly easy, but I have never done it.

  • Myrtle Beach, SC $79
  • Savannah GA, Hilton Head, GA $79
  • Sanford/Orlando, FL $95
  • Fort Myers/Punta Gorda, FL $103
  • Tampa St Petersburg, FL, $108

The selected travel dates were in August and September of 2021. If you do plan a trip, please feel free to share it with me! I would love to hear about it and see your pictures.

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