The fire took place almost a year ago to the day.

July 5th, to be exact was the date that the folks in the town of Tivoli had to hear the news of their own firehouse catching fire and being destroyed by something faulty on one of the fire trucks that were stored in the firehouse.

Last year we talked to the Chief of the Tivoli Fire Department, Marc Hildabrand on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show about the fire and he told us that the fire department had a few of their trucks in the festival of lights in Red Hook, the trucks were put back in the bays at the fire station and about an hour and half later they started to receive reports that the fire station was on fire. Marc also told us that a volunteer member was on the scene in about a minute of the reported fire and was able to rush inside to save a truck and begin to try and put out the fire.

It was a sad day last year when all of this happened but, now almost a year later they have rebuilt in Tivoli and are looking towards the future according to Spectrum News. The last year has been difficult according to Cheif Hildabrand, "We worked really, really hard having to just really improvise, we got equipment from other departments, we borrowed equipment and purchased equipment, and we put up a temporary building."

After collecting the insurance money from the fire, the department was able to rebuild a new firehouse plus they were able, with the help of the town, to give the firefighters some new and improved upgrades.

Hildabrand told Spectrum that, "We upgraded the doors, doors on here are better insulated doors, we upgraded the entire building to LED lighting. All new washer and dryer system so members could wash all their gear after fires."

The rebuilding process has been long but they're also planning to add an addition to the new building that will provide more room for equipment, a red cross emergency shelter, and a command center in the near future.

Now with the rebuilding behind them, they can celebrate the fact that since the fire happened last year, they had about 15 volunteer firefighters, now as of June 2020 they have around 40 volunteers.

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