More than ever, I know so many people who are looking for an apartment, house, or a new space to move into. It seems that almost everything has increased in price whether it's big or small. 

Maybe we should bring back "dorming" where a bunch of people live in a house together, ha-ha why not? It would make sense and probably be a cheaper option. Not to mention, I could see it being a good time, for the most part.

From what I see within my friend groups, there are usually two types of people. Those who love where they're living and can't imagine moving, and others who cannot wait to get out of their current situation and often looking for a new environment. 

Where can we find affordable Hudson Valley apartments?


What are some websites that you use for looking for an apartment or house? I know that Zillow, Hotpads, and Craigslist are the top 3 that have been recommended with caution.

Thankfully, a new option will be available for Hudson Valley residents. New and affordable apartments will be making their way to Orange County, New York.

Can you imagine living near somewhere that's close to dining, entertainment, and a city scene without being in a city? To me, this sounds perfect with a little nature space below a deck.

This new apartment complex will be a great addition to Middletown, New York

Dawn Benko for Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Dawn Benko for Townsquare Media

Galleria Residences will soon offer stylish apartments that will be close to food, shopping, and things to do. They hope to bring underground parking for residents, community space for those who live there, a dog park, a fitness center, and top-of-the-line fixtures with amenities.

The rooms will consist of one or two bedrooms for rent. If all goes well, they will break ground as early as Spring of 2022.

Qualifying candidates and tenants have the option of receiving one month's rent for free.

Click here to find out more, glance at pictures, and put your name in now.

Galleria Residences

Middletown NY 10940

Where are you looking to move to? Do you like where you currently live? Let us know below.

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