If you're caught making this turn moving forward, you could get receive a ticket.

If you've ever driven on Ulster Ave in the Kingston area, near the Hoffman Car Wash at 750 Ulster Ave, you've probably witnessed an accident at one time or another. Numerous accidents happen almost daily, as drivers try to make a left turn into the car wash, some drivers also try to cross the busy road to head southbound.

According to the Ulster Police Departments Facebook page both of those driving maneuvers are now illegal effective immediately. The post reads," Effective immediately northbound motorists on Ulster Avenue are NO longer permitted to make a left turn into the Hoffman Car Wash or to head southbound on Ulster Avenue."

The police department posted a picture online to show a driver now breaking traffic law..

The change to make this turn illegal was done after the New York State Department of Transportation evaluated the numerous accidents that have occurred at this intersection almost daily. Many people that travel, and or work on Ulster Ave posted comments online about how happy they were about the change, but some are shocked that it took this long.

One comment reads, "I’d be curious to know as to why it took the NYSDOT SOOOO long to make this change? I worked across the street from this intersection for over a decade and watched COUNTLESS occurrences of car/car, car/bicycle, and car/pedestrian causing millions of dollars in property damage."

Other drivers aren't happy about the change, with some wondering how they are supposed to get to those buinseness on Ulster Ave, one comment read, "So now I have to do a circle around town to get to the diner or car wash if I’m coming from shop rite or kohl’s? That’s silly. If people just paid a little more attention we wouldn’t have another inconvenience in this so fabulous town."

The Ulster Police Department did end the traffic change message with some encouraging words saying, "Thank you and please be safe!"

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