It was another exciting night of racing at the Orange County Fair Speedway (OCFS) this past Saturday Night. Saturday was a fan favorite on the schedule, Nostalgia Night. Race fans came out to see the favorite drivers and staff from the past, they also got treated to an exciting night of racing.

If you were there Saturday night you are well aware of the part of the evening that has social media a buzz. Pictures and video are surfacing everywhere of a crash that happened in turn three that had everyone on the edge of their seats. It also was a really good reminder of just how important it is that when you are trackside you stay alert.

The Orange County Fair Speedway has taken many measures to ensure the safety of their guest and the drivers that compete there each week but the unexpected can happen. And to say what happened on Saturday was unexpected is, to say the least. If you haven't seen the footage yet let me start by saying everyone is okay after what was a scary and unusual wreck Saturday night during the Modifieds

Racecar driver Brandon Walters found himself outside the track when the car he was racing finally stopped tumbling. Fortunately, Brandon walked away from this wreck which speaks volumes to the amount of safety equipment the drivers use. I Facebook messaged Brandon today after seeing he posted a thank you message to the OCFS staff, EMTs the officials and the makers of his safety equipment. He says he is doing well.

It is also worth noting that no one else was injured. This is due in part to the fact that the OCFS staff is diligent about making sure everyone is safe at the track. When I was at the track last weekend, there were many times I saw the security staff reminding people where they could stand and not stand. It is important you follow their direction. These types of crashes are rare but that is no reason not to be safe all the time.

Take another look at how it all happened

Brandon Walters' Crash at OCFS

Brandon Walters was lucky to not be seriously hurt Saturday night when his race car wreck at the Orange County Fair Speedway. It was a rare sight to see a car tumble three times and then end up outside the track after going over and through a fence while getting tangled up in the telephone and electric wires but fortunately everyone including Brandon walked away.

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