Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Millions of Americans will gather together for a huge dinner, and to give thanks for all that we have. For many of you, this could be the first time you've seen some extended family members in over a year amid the many pandemic restrictions we all faced. Now, if want to make sure you don't ever see or hear from some of these family members again, then serve them some of this s*** to wash down with their turkey.

Ehh, who knows? Maybe it won't be so bad. Have enough and you can drown out the sounds of everyone screaming at each other at the top of their lungs over politics or vaccine mandates.

Fast food chain Arby's has announced they've teamed up with Tattersall Distilling to roll out their very own french fry flavored vodka. It will come in both crinkle and spicy curly fry flavors to go with your next meal. Arby's says that supplies will thankfully be very limited, so order your french fry vodka online Thursday, November 18. Arby's proudly boasts in their ads that 'We have the meats!'. Well, now you can include this too if you're feeling daring.

Big food and drink companies love to pair up for these outrageous and over-the-top flavor combinations to draw attention across social media. Whether you plan on ordering it or not, someone (like us) will be sharing something about it on Facebook or Twitter to get the buzz going. Remember the unholy collaboration between Mountain Dew and Flamin' Hot Cheetos?  Maybe their marketing departments are on to something here?

So, perhaps you can take shots of this with your sweet potatoes with marshmallows. After all, that is the state of New York's favorite side dish for Thanksgiving. The website Zippia used Google Trends to determine what exactly Americans were searching for food-wise during the month of November. A total of nine states love mashed potatoes, making them the top side, according to his study. But here in the Empire State, we apparently love our sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Yup, that's what New Yorkers are supposedly reaching for, according to Zippia. That has changed since last year when stuffing was king here in New York.

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