My daughter and I go for as many walks around the neighborhood as possible every day. I load her into the stroller and head out. Our neighborhood is exactly 1 mile from my house, through the development and back to my yard. My wife calls my daughter the mayor because the majority of the neighborhood knows her and will stop us to talk and play with her.

In front of our yard, there is a three-way stop and there is one car that never even slows down for it. Usually, we just yell because we are on the patio or something, but yesterday was different. I'm out walking baby girl and see this same Mercedes blow thru the stop sign and had I not seen it coming, would have hit us at well over 20 miles an hour.

I proceeded on my walk and saw her unloading her car with groceries so I walked to the end of her driveway, still in the street and asked if she could please stop at the stop sign on the corner.

Her reply was "get a life" and she closed the garage door.  I, of course, responded with, "keep running the stop sign and see what happens."  I then start to walk away when her husband comes running up to me threatening to "beat me down" and if "I ever see you without that stroller I'll kill you!"

After an exchange of words, he makes some rude comments about me and walks away. As I get two doors down, the neighbor that always talks to the baby explains that there are issues with the guy and he has threatened people in the past.

I walk away and call the police.

I don't really know what the outcome was but I really think that we as a people in America need to relax, calm down and stop the violence.

Thank you to the local Hudson Valley police but I'll keep the specifics private... for now anyway.

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