Another store is feeling the heat from online shopping by announcing this week that 60 stores will close nationwide.

Abercrombie and Fitch announced on Thursday, March 9 that it would close 60 of its stores across the country. Just five years ago, the brand had 839 stores, and soon it will have just 637, according to Fortune.

While it hasn't been announced what locations are closing, it is possible Hudson Valley stores could close. Abercombie and Fitch has three Hudson Valley locations. One in the Poughkeepsie Galleria, one in the Palisades Center, and one in The Westchester.

A&F faced major backlash over its brand's design of huge logos, sexy photos, and being "anti-fat". For example, they do not sell women's pants larger than a size 10.  CEO Mike Jeffries has said that he wants the "cool kids" and "thin and beautiful" people to shop at the store.

In the modern world of body positivity, it's no wonder the brand has been suffering.

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