2020 is the year we are realizing a lot of things. We are getting reminded of things that we forgot were fun like Drive-in movies, eat food at a picnic table and talking to friend at least once a week. We may have been taking a few of the simple things for granted.

Life before COVID-19 had gotten complicated and everything was moving really fast. We might not have been thinking of things as simple as the joy of a Popsicle in March back when our live got put on pause. And I can state for a fact that I wouldn't have even thought about having my favorite cocktail made into a frozen treat, but I am now. I am pretty confident that had we not paused I might not be as excited as I am about the latest trend at Hudson Valley Bars.

Boozey Popsicles, a hot summer day treat for grown-ups who need to feel like a kid. Seriously though, I want you to think about it. With everything we haven't gotten to do this year so far aren't you feeling a bit like a child who's parent has said "No" too many times. We need to feed our inner child a treat while helping or inner adult cope with the lack of a real summer fun.

Jar'd Wine Pub at Water Street in New Paltz started mixing their batches up a few weeks ago. I am sure your favorite restaurant or bar is mostly likely doing the same. I have even heard that they are making them up in virgin cocktail varieties for your designated driver. So the next time you are taking the virtual happy hour out to a real location check in with the place you are going to see if they have put any of their signature cocktails on ice. Be a kid at heart it's fun.

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