With our daily routines changing so rapidly, we know it's a comfort to tune into your favorite radio station and hear some familiar voices. The Wolf is staffed with radio personalities hosting their shows live on air all day long, and we're giving you more opportunities to connect with us than ever before—while still practicing social distancing.

The Wakin' Up With CJ + Jess Show is live on-air starting at 6AM, and they're sticking with you until noon. You can listen live on your desktop browser, stream us on your Alexa-enabled device or Google Chromecast product, fire up your free Wolf mobile app or set your radio dial to 97.7 FM or 97.3 FM.

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Your first chance to win with The Wolf starts in the 6 o'clock hour with CJ's Early Morning Brain Stimulator. CJ's also sharing the Early Morning Brain Stimulator on our Facebook page and our Instagram account, so you can play along on your social media feeds. Even with many concerts and tours on hold, we're coming up with Wolf swag prize packs as well as gift certificates to your favorite local eateries to give away. (Even if you can't eat in, lots of Hudson Valley restaurants are offering takeout and delivery.) Jess has all the hot news out of Nashville with the Giddyup at 6:35AM and 8:35AM. CJ's got his Useless Fact of the Day on-air at 7:30AM and on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. CJ and Jess will also have the essential information you need to know about how COVID-19 is impacting the Hudson Valley.

When you want to tune out all things coronavirus, grab a coffee with CJ and Jess on Facebook Live around 10:15AM. They give you a look at what life's like behind the scenes here at the radio station and talk about everything but the c-word. If you aren't following us on Facebook, head on over there and give us a "like." If you are following us, you'll also want to head on over to our Facebook page and hover over the "Following" button under the page cover. Make sure our stories appear at the top of your personal Facebook feed by adjusting the "In Your News Feed" options to "See First," and get notifications for any Facebook Live videos in the studio by adjusting the "Notifications" options to "On (Highlight Posts)."

Paty Quyn picks things up in the lunch hour and takes you right on through the ride home. Plus, with the 97-minute free ride at 9AM and two Wolf Six-Packs every hour through the workday, you'll have today's new country taking all that stress away.

We know these are challenging times, but we also know music can soothe the soul. Here at 97.7/97.3 The Wolf, we're ready to provide you with essential information impacting us right here in the Hudson Valley such as closings and changing business hours, but we also know how important it is to have your favorite music playing all day long.

Listen to the Wakin' Up With CJ and Jess Show weekday mornings from 6AM to 10AM on The Wolf. Stream us live through the website, Alexa-enabled device, Google Home or The Wolf mobile app.

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