Over the weekend I participated in my first 5K Turkey Trot at Sargent Elementary School in Beacon, New York. I was excited, I love a good 5K and it was a beautiful fall day. I didn't think much of the run "How hard could it be, it's to support an elementary school."

Boy, was I wrong!

Upon arriving to the race, I received my bib and my race t-shirt. To my surprise, there wasn't a turkey in a sweatband running around town depicted on the shirt. No. Instead, it said the following:

This Runner Climbed Mt. Knevels

My neck almost snapped from the double take. Climbed? Mt!? What did I sign myself up for!?


Apparently, Mt. Kevels is a play on Knevels Avenue that is an insanely steep road located behind Sargent Elementary School.  Just as the race was about to start I learned that runners would begin the race running down Knevels Ave... Great!

Google Maps
Google Maps

But the tail end of the run is back up Kenvels Ave. It was indeed one of if not the steepest hills I've ever run up before. My calves are still burning.

Throughout that grueling run, I started to think about other hills I've encountered. We live in a valley so of course there will be dips and hills all over, but are there certain steep hills that make you say "I wouldn't want to be stuck here in the snow" or "Walking up that hill would be treacherous"?

We asked our listeners to chime in with the steepest hills they've walked/driven on in the Hudson Valley. Take a look below and if you want to add another hill to the list email Jess@HudsonValleyCountry.com.

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