Stuck for what to serve on Sunday for your Big Game party? No problem has you covered. They have put together 77 recipes, that's right 77. Who could have imaged that there could be 77 different ways to serve wings, melted cheese and other healthy snacks. Let's face it after the week we have had in the HUdson Valley we have earned a few calories.

Along with the standards they have managed to uncover some new recipes that are party worthy for sure. Slides are becoming a fun new party snack. They work out as a good alternative to eating a whole burger or sandwich. Plus they are the perfect answer to what you do with Hawaiian Rolls.

Remember when your planning the food your don't forget the sweets. Nothing cuts through fried for on your taste buds better than a frost treat like homemade ice cream sandwiches or maybe just good old gooey brownies.

Last year USA Today estimated that between food, beverages, team apparel, decorations and such the average American spent just under $82 each on big game fun. It will be interesting to see what that total adds up to this year. I expect it will be even higher due to the fact that the game has so many opportunities to produce record breaking / first for the game more people will be watching and celebrating.

I am one of the sadden Saints Fans but I will be watching on Sunday because I can miss any of the commercials. They are my favorite part. Why you ask? Simple because every team I have ever routed for in the Super Bowl has lost so now it has become a superstition for me not to route for anyone.

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