Some of these may surprise you.

I for one have always thought almost everything we buy at the grocery store, at one time or another should wind up in the refrigerator, right? Now I understand that some things go in the cupboard, like dry foods, potato chips, pasta, cereal, most non-perishable foods but I had no clue that putting certain things in the fridge could actually be bad and cause some of them to go bad.

Like when you buy produce at the grocery store, what goes in the fridge and what goes in a drawer? What about coffee, does it belong in the fridge to stay fresh? After searching and searching everywhere, I found out that a lot of things I put in the fridge don't belong in there.

According to the website Ice Pop these are some of the things that you should keep out of refrigeration.

7 Things We Should Never Put in the Refrigerator

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