WARNING: you'll be extremely hungry after seeing these pies.

Is Newburgh the Pizza Capital of the Hudson Valley?

The beautiful thing about pizza is you can make them as simple or as creative as you want.

New Yorkers do pizza better than anyone and being in the Hudson Valley we are truly blessed by the pizza gods because we get that New York City and Bronx style pie without having to be in a big city. Hudson Valley pizza shops really know how to make excellent pizza. Two important things that help make a great tasting pizza is the crust and the toppings. Pizza Mia on 17K in Newburgh understands that all too well.


Pizza Mia has been making Frankenstein pizza's for so long they do it better than anyone.

Check out these monstrous and mouth watering pies.

7 of the Craziest Pizzas Made in Newburgh

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