Why is it that as soon as the weather turn nice, especially when you have a week of weather like we have had this week in the Hudson Valley, your mind immediately goes to what you could be doing if it wasn't an unexpected warm up during the wrong time of year.

If I have confused you all I meant to say was, "am I the only person who wanted to dig the golf clubs out from behind the snowblower and hit the course this week." If last weekend wasn't enough to make us wish away winter and welcome spring then the last two days really haven't helped. Thank goodness we are having rain tomorrow or I might be found chipping in my yard which would piss off the guy who takes care of my lawn.

So to satisfy all the frustrated golfers I would like remind you that this weekend is The Honda Classic and the only reason I know that is because I saw this adorable golf story on CBS this morning about Tommy Morrissey, child golfer extraordinaire. His story and attitude is a testament to what golf should always be about for all of us. Enjoy his inspiration while you wait for our favorite courses to open in the Hudson Valley.

Inside Edition reported on Tommy's success this week against some pros.

Tommy on Ellen at age 3, where he received his "Nemo" golf cart which he still drives. Tommy calls his shorter arm Nemo due to the fact that Nemo had one short fin, a fact I learn this morning from his interview with CBS This Morning.


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