The below freezing temperatures this weekend had a lot of us heading for the food that warms us up. The cold weather sets in and suddenly you are so hungry. I find that the first week or so that the colder weather arrives I am in constant search of food. We blame the holidays for packing on the pounds but the truth is it is just our minds and bodies reacting to the cold.

I search out warm soups and heavy pasta dishes baked in the oven. Chili and all kinds of warm breads are irresistible. Baking becomes the thing to do on your day off. The warm oven and the delicious smell just seem to make things warm and cozy. But you might be surprised to find out what food will actually warm you up.

According to Eat This online there are 6 foods that will help you keep warm and they all don't make sense. The one that caught my attention was the Iced coffee. You would think hot coffee in the winter was the better choice but you would be wrong. Number 6 on their list was also a surprise.

Raw Organic Bunch of Bananas
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