The after school snack is the right of every child who has been happily sitting in class all day and wish they were home snacking from the frig. I used to get through many a boring school day by just thinking about the fact that when I got home I could stop in the kitchen to grab something yummy before I headed out the door with friends. Of course rule one was it couldn't spoil my diner.

Yes, I was a food driven child but what kid isn't when the snacks are a treat for putting in a long day with books and teachers. When I was a kids the favorite choices for an after school snack were peanut butter on a spoon or a slice of Kraft American cheese. Now a days kids have a lot more to choose from and some seem like good healthy choices.

Check out this list from the Food Network. Everything from Sweet Bagel Chips to Matzo Melts. It is great to be a kid going to school in 2016 when the after school snacks are this good.

Here are 3 great recipes from


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