This is the time of year when everyone is excited about pumpkin everything. Pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin spice foods such as popcorn and even Pop Tarts. All of these pumpkin flavored items have resulted in people forgetting that you can make delicious food with real pumpkins.

We are just talking pumpkin pie. We are talking legit food network recipes that you can try at home with ingredients you find right in in the Hudson Valley farm markets and distilleries. Yes, I said distilleries, we found a recipe that calls for bourbon.

First is Mousse

You can't go wrong with Mousse. It is light and fluffy and if it is an Ina Garten recipe you know it is going to be good tasting as well.

Second is Cheesecake

I realize that us New Yorkers can be picky about our cheese cake but I believe the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond has gotten it right with this recipe. It has to be good it has ginger snaps in it.

Third is Valerie's Pumpkin Doughnuts which look like one of the best ways to enjoy pumpkin.

And Last but Not Least

The pumpkin keg for your spiced bourbon drink. Make this at you fall holiday party and you bourbon cocktail will be the star. Plus it is so clever for clean up. I am just wondering where the recipe is for something made from the bourbon soak pumpkin.

Old fashioned classic cocktail drink in crystal glass on bar counter.

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