A local Hudson Valley farm has burned down and several animals died in the blaze.

The Catskill Veterinary Services posted to their Facebook page about a family farm that burned down on Sunday. The post explains that the Sullivan County 911 center reached out to them around 6pm Sunday night, June 17th, about a barn fire.

Dr. Mike and Dr. Joe along with a handful of other veterinarians and vet techs from the area answered the call.

While there were efforts to control the blaze, unfortunately the farm itself as well as the milk room have burned down.

Sixty animals were saved, but unfortunately 40 animals did not make it out alive.

The remaining cattle have been moved to other farms in the area to be "milked and cared for" according to the Facebook post.

The post also stated "A truly heartbreaking scene to endure. Several families relied on the farm for a means of income. Our support goes out to the families In times of tragedy it is refreshing and humbling to see so many concerned community members come out to help. "



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