This is "redneck" ingenuity at it's best!

As we prepare for another snow storm in the Hudson Valley all of us what to make the daily trip out to clean off your car a little easier. Nothing will make it easier than a little bit of planning and today to get your ready for some daytime snow we started the planning process.

We asked, what do you do to your windshield when snow is coming? I was shocked to hear how many folks prepare by putting up the windshield wipers on their car or truck before it starts snowing. Is that good or bad for your car or truck? Get both sides of that argument here.

The wipers up was by far the biggest answer we got, but we also got some awesome suggestions that we can all try out the next time snow is coming our way. As always, if you have something you do to your car or truck, please share that with us through the Wolf app.

Ways to Prepare Your Windshield For Snow

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