Many Hudson Valley residents dread driving on The Taconic State Parkway. Where exactly does it get intimidating? Here are three of the top answers according to everyday commuters.

The Taconic terrifies just about every driver at some point but it's a necessary evil.

If you don't take the Taconic State Parkway very often then it might just seem like every other highway. But if you commute on this road every day during heavy traffic, then it becomes extremely dangerous.

According to Only In Your State, over 2,000 auto crashes took place in just a three year span.

It's hard to argue with those numbers. Do you agree that the Taconic could be the most dangerous road in New York? If so, where do you think it becomes the most dangerous?

We decided to create a casual poll in a Hudson Valley community group on Facebook and these exits and intersections were the most common ones to come up. The post gathered over 100 comments in several minutes.

The three spots that took the top spots all have something in common. They were all 90-degree angles.



Clove Branch Road was the third top answer. Getting on Rte 29 from the Taconic has proven to be challenging for some commuters.

Google Maps


Tyrrel Road & Masten Road came in at number 2. Drivers trying to cross at peak hours are forced to play a game of Frogger.

Google Maps


It seems like the Taconic gets sketchier the further you travel south. The most common answer was Exit 25 at Peekskill Hollow Road. The 20 mph exit comes up fast for the majority of drivers who are traveling at an excessive 70 mph.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Do you agree with the list? What spots would you add?

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