This time of year it is easy to get a little cabin fever. As much as we may want to go outside sometimes it is just to darn cold. So what can you do to make the winter go faster and shake off the feeling that it will be "forever" before you get back outdoors. I have three things I like to do and Thought Catalog has twenty five more.

One thing I do to change things up is I purposely sit in a different spot in my living room. We get so use to a spot when we watch TV or work on the computer. During the indoor months it can begin to feel like all we do is sit. I find that during the winter if I pick a different chair or swap spots with the dog on the couch it makes me feel like I have done something different. It breaks up the routine. Of course my dog doesn't always agree.

Another thing that can help with the "closed in feeling" we get after a day or two trapped inside thanks to sub freezing weather is if you turn up the heat and put on a summer outfit. I search out my favorite flip flops and baggy t-shirt and shorts. Then I do things around the house as if it was mid July and the AC was broken. You can even take it one step further by applying sun screen for that coco butter smell while you sit is a sun spot to create a homemade "beach" moment.

A third thing I have been known to do is clean and rearrange a room full of furniture. There is something about cleaning up the clutter and moving around a chair or two that can really add new perspective to winter captivity. Plus when the weather does warm up you are going to want to be outside playing not inside cleaning and organizing the house.

If none of these sound like fun check out the list published last winter by the Though Catalog.

And then there is always science stuff. This is a video of cool experiments they might past some time and cure some boredom. The Rock Candy one looks cool and takes 3 days.


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